Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry | Harvest Christian Fellowship

Sharing the gospel message with others and reaching out to our community is a high priority
in the bible as well as in Harvest Christian Fellowship. That is why we often hold outreaches
in the surrounding community and cultivate opportunities to share the Lord with the dying world.

Prayer Stations
Join us in our prayer station ministry as we pray for those in the world who are hurting.
This is an awesome opportunity to share your faith and lead others to the Lord.

Housing Projects Outreach
These events, held at various housing projects in Manhattan, have aided in sharing
the gospel with thousands of lost souls and has gotten many plugged into other solid
churches in their area.


Providing relief (food baskets)to displaced people
in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region that has been devastated
by months of endless conflict - children are malnourished,
families are hungry, and millions are suffering.


(MARCH 2021)
"Helping Venezuelans In Crisis” Five million Venezuelans have
fled their homeland over the past several years. Hunger, a
collapsing healthcare system, and violence drive them to leave.
We are coming alongside Samaritan’s Purse this month through
our giving to provide food, shelter and medical care to these
Venezuelan migrants seeking a new life in Colombia.